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At Fast Braces® Fresno, we have extensive experience in all aspects of modern braces. We offer Comprehensive Braces Care, including education about routine hygiene that helps to reduce dental problems to expert cosmetic solutions for the braces issues our patients face.

Half the Cost of Traditional Braces!
Results Within 120 Days!*

Searching for the right choice for braces in Fresno?

Fast Braces® Fresno may have the answer! We are proud to offer FASTBRACES® , a braces option for both adults & children.

We want you to have that perfect smile!!

Contact Fast Braces® Fresno today to set up a free consultation. Together, we can decide if FASTBRACES® are exactly what you’ve been searching for. It is likely that you & FASTBRACES® are the perfect fit!

Patient Information

Whether you’re a new patient or a returning patient, click find the information you need to get the most out of your visit. To us, being a dentist in Fresno means being a pillar of health in the community. To achieve that, we want to be as clear as possible about what you can expect & what we provide. Every patient is different, so this is by no means an exhaustive list of what you might want to know when visiting our office, but it’s a start. Please feel free to call us if you have questions about these topics, any suggestions, or anything else. We love to hear from our patients.

What You Need To Know

Keeping up on orthodontic technology & helping people is what Fast Braces® Fresno and Dr. Tom Wieg are all about. This is a growing part of all our lives, and we embrace those advancements. We want to share with you what we learn as well as the basics of orthodonture, good oral hygiene, many ‘how to’ articles and so much more.

If there is something you want to know or are curious about, let us know. Chances are you aren’t the only one. We love to hear from our community and patients to assist with what matters most.

Some popular topics that come up in our office, pretty much daily are…

  • How to Floss with Braces
  • Adults in Braces
  • Water Flosser Buyer’s Guide
  • Retainer Care
  • Preventing cavities

This is just the beginning of so much more information we are excited about adding. Come back often to get the latest & greatest.

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A New Level of Respect for You & Your Family

We Love Kids & Families

Fast Braces® Fresno is a team of caring, experienced dental professionals who use only the most advanced technologies, materials & procedures & whose primary focus is on comfortable, health-centered orthodontics. At our community-focused practice, your comfort & satisfaction come first. We look forward to meeting you soon & developing a relationship with you to build the bridge toward long-term trust & successful orthodontic care. Fast Braces® Fresno invites you to see why our patients can’t stop smiling!

FREE Braces

We offer complimentary consultations for both adults & children. Meet us and get our expert opinion on how to improve your smile quickly and comfortably.

We Love Kids
& Families

At Fast Braces® Fresno, we have convenient hours that won’t make you miss work or school.

The Latest
Braces Technology

We are specially trained and qualified to provide care that uses the latest innovations in orthodontics technology, including FASTBRACES® and Sure Smile®!

Services & Procedures

At Fast Braces® Fresno, we offer an array of different services that we can provide for you & your family right here in Fresno. From FASTBRACES® and clear aligners, to retainers. Fast Braces® Fresno is the place to go for all your family’s braces needs, in one convenient location. Please take your time to view & read more about all the services below that our patients can receive.

Client Testimonials

Meet some of our patients who not only have a beautiful smile, they now also have a healthy mouth. Imagine the smile of your dreams in months instead of years!! All this for HALF the price of traditional braces which are slow (years of treatment), uncomfortable and old technology. Call us today for your free consultation.